M9 co2 full métal KJW
M9 co2 full métal KJW
M9 co2 full métal KJW
M9 co2 full métal KJW
M9 co2 full métal KJW
M9 co2 full métal KJW
M9 co2 full métal KJW
M9 co2 full métal KJW
M9 co2 full métal KJW
M9 co2 full métal KJW
M9 co2 full métal KJW
M9 co2 full métal KJW

KP13 - TAN Gas Metal and ABS GBB (KJ Works)

Colors Tan
Material Polymer and Metal Propulsion Gaz Firing mode Semi-automatic (shot by shot without reloading) < / td> Power 0.8 joules < strong> Hop up Adjustable Movable cylinder head Yes
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KP13 - TAN KJW Gas Metal and ABS GBB 6mm.

Operation (propulsion mode).

- The replica is a Blowback gas model (With hindsight).

Features and equipment.

- The KP13 has anti-slip grips.

- Metal and ABS material

- Manual breech cocking system, then automatic after the first shot.

- Safety < / p>

- Charger release button.

- 22 Ball magazine.

- Weight: 770gr

- Size: 200mm

Elements of the replica in polymer / Abs / or reinforced plastic.

- Lower part of the replica (Frame)

Elements of the replica in metal.

- The Internal cannon and external

- The Cylinder Head.

- Internal parts

The power of the replica.

- Joule (s): 1.14 Joules

- 350 fps

Available shooting modes. < / p>

- Step by step, a ball is fired with each pressure of the trigger.

Sight Equipment.

- Front: Fixed fiber optic front sight. p>

- At the rear: Fixed sight.

- Adjustable hop-up ideal for better shooting accuracy.

Picatinny rail for accessories.

Yes p>

Bead loader and compatibilities.

- Color: Black

- Material: Metal

- Compatibility: KP13 KJW gas or Co2 charger

- Capacity: 22 balls

Markings and Licenses.

< / p>

Serial number

This airsoft ball replica of the KP13 KJW gas in TAN color is a model strongly inspired by the architecture of a glock.

IT has a movable cylinder head for more sensations.

The KP13 is equipped with an adjustable hop-up for optimal precision.

It is a modern model with an aggressive look that will delight experienced players or lovers of beautiful pieces.

This ball GBB works using gas cylinder

We recommend balls of 0.20gr for this model, as well as silicone oil to maintain the seals of your airsoft gun.

KJ Works
KJ Works
Plastique et métal
Tan (sable)
Capacité du chargeur
Real-Cap (<30 billes)
Systeme de propulsion
Mode de tir
Semi-automatique (coup par coup sans armer)
de 1.1 à 2 joule
0.20 gr
Type gaz
Poids (g)
Type de sport
Hop up
Culasse mobile (blowback)
Numéro de pièce fabricant
Non applicable

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