Pack M16A5 CQB Ris Spring (Well)


The M4 CQB RIS M16A5 Well is also available in a pack:

- M4 CQB RIS M16A5 Well

- Protective glasses

- Bag of 2000 balls Rockets 0.12g

Product details

A fully monitored production cycle ensures ultra-smooth airsoft balls with no visible burrs or trapped air. The diameter is guaranteed to be 5.95mm - with a deviation of only 0.01mm! These Rockets ™ balls are also very suitable for precision shots.

Transparent protective glasses EvaSport Singer Safety Standard EN 166 EN170.

Transparent protective glasses - www.pistolet-a

Transparent protective glasses with adjustable temples in length (4 positions). The side shields ensure maximum protection of the eye area. These glasses are anti-scratch and anti-fog treated and meet CE-EN166 safety standards. Also discover our range of gloves and mittens and protective vest to complete your equipment.


  • Brand 2EAGLE
  • Reference PK-WL-M16A5V2


  • Marque Saigo Defense
  • Matières Plastique
  • Couleur Noir et Bois
  • Capacité du chargeur Hi-Cap (>200 billes)
  • Systeme de propulsion Manuel (ressort)
  • Mode de tir Manuel (coup par coup)
  • Puissance de 0.6 à 1 joule
  • Projectile 0.20 gr
  • Répliques Répliques Longues
  • Longueur 875mm
  • Poids (g) 1150gr
  • Numéro de pièce fabricant Non applicable

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