Steyr Aug A1 Military Black (Snow Wolf)

Colors Black
Material Nylon and Metal Propulsion Electric Fire mode Automatic (shot by shot or burst) td > Power 1.4 joules Hop up Adjustable Movable cylinder head No

Product details

Snow Wolf is one of the Chinese manufacturers offering airsoft guns with a very good price / quality ratio. Known for somewhat unusual replicas such as the M82A1 or the M41, replica of the assault rifle seen in the movie Alien 2.

Here the manufacturer presents his model of Steyr Aug A1, so-called "Military" version. Known is recognized, there are many variations of the Steyr Aug, but this model equipped with an X1.5 bezel is the best known. We have seen it in countless films but also video games, sometimes called the Aug Hbar, slightly different from an A1. A foldable handle is present on the replica to provide a better grip.

This is one of the first Bullpup type weapons, this corresponds to a weapon with the magazine at the back to put it simply, with the FAMAS, at the end of the 70s.

This type of weapon, in our case an airsoft replica, brings a big advantage, a long barrel for the bulk of an M4A1 type assault rifle for example, making a very versatile AEG. Indeed, we can use it for assault, for support but also to do, something that only exists in airsoft, against snipe. We still have an internal barrel measuring 470mm, as a reminder that of the M16 measures barely 5 cm more but the total replica measures 81 cm against 100 cm, or 1 meter, for the M16.

The charger included accepts up to 330 balls, but rest assured, the Hicap refractories, there are magazines of 100 and 45 balls.

The battery will fit into the stock at the rear of the replica and provide a larger slot than it looks. The metal V3 type gearbox develops an output of around 410 fps on average, good power ratio considering the length of the barrel.



  • Marque Snow Wolf
  • Fabricant Snow Wolf
  • Matières Plastique et métal
  • Couleur Noir
  • Capacité du chargeur Hi-Cap (>200 billes)
  • Mode de tir Automatique (coup par coup ou rafale)
  • Puissance de 1.1 à 2 joule
  • Projectile 0.20 gr
  • Répliques Répliques Longues
  • Longueur 810 mm
  • Poids (g) 3300
  • Type de sport Airsoft
  • Hop up Ajustable
  • Culasse mobile (blowback) non
  • Numéro de pièce fabricant Non applicable