Saigo AK47 AEG 0,2 Joule Electric series Wood and Black


The Saigo AK47 AEG 0,2 Joule Electric series in black color is an airsoft model of the Saigo Defense brand.

Magazine capacity 360 balls.

Power of 0.2 joules which allows it to reach a distance of about 15 meters.

The AK47 has a hand guard and an imitation wood stock. p>

Product details

Saigo AK47 AEG 0,2 Joule Electric series wood and black.

Operation (propulsion mode).

- The replica is an AEG (Electric)

Features and equipment. span >

- The Saigo AK47 AEG 0,2 Joule Electric series with a reinforced ABS gearbox.

- ABS material to be resistant to all tests. p>

- Arming and hop-up system.

- Fire and safety selector

- ABS handguard

- Button to unlock the charger.

- Charger witha wheel to raise the balls.

- Weight: 867gr

- Size: 875mm

Elements of the replica in polymer / Abs / or reinforced plastic.

-Canon. p>

- The butt.

- The grip.

- The body of the replica.

- The sights. p >

- The cocking lever.

- The fire selector.

- The cannon.

- The magazine release button.

- Relaxation.

- The charger.

< span>The power of the replica.

- Joules: 0.2 joules

Battery and mains charger.

-Battery and charger Included in the box. < / p>

-Battery model 7,2V 700Mah

-Charger type: 250 Mah

-Battery location: In the butt.

< p>

Available shooting modes .

< p> - Shot by shot, a ball is fired each time the trigger is pressed.

- Automatic,the balls are fired in a burst as long as the finger remains on the trigger.

Aim Equipment .

- At the front, fixed

- At the back, adjustable from top to bottom. < / p>

- Adjustable hop-up ideal for better shooting accuracy.

Rail Picatinny for accessories.


Log loader and compatibilities.

- Color:Black

- Material: ABS

- Compatibility: AEG type AK47 charger

- Capacity: 360 balls

< p>

La crosse.

- The replica has a fixed butt

Markings and Licenses. span >

- License: No

- Markings: Unique serial number, firing instruction in Cyrillic

The Saigo AK47 AEG 0,5 Joule Electric series Wood and Black is an airsoft replica of the Saigo Defense brand.

It is a klashnikov type replica which has a hand guard and a fixed imitation wood stock hiding the location of the battery.

The AK47 Saigo comes with a 7.2Volt 700mah battery, a charger battery, a carrying strap, as well as a small sample of ball.

The construction of this replica and made in Abs, the internal barrel when it is in metal which ensures the lightness and ease of handling.

The charger of this replica has a capacity of 360 balls.

This electric airsoft replica develops approximately a power of 0.2joules which allows it to shoot in semi and burst at a distance of 15 meters.

The ideal for this airsoft replica is theuse of balls 0.12gr.

We recommend l 'silicone oil strong> it will allow you to maintain your model.



  • Marque Saigo Defense
  • Fabricant Cyma
  • Matières Plastique
  • Couleur Noir et Bois
  • Capacité du chargeur Hi-Cap (>200 billes)
  • Systeme de propulsion Electrique
  • Mode de tir Automatique (coup par coup ou rafale)
  • Puissance de 0.1 à 0.5 joule
  • Projectile 0.12 gr
  • Accessoires fournis Sangle, chargeur, batterie, chargeur de batterie
  • Longueur 71x23x5cm
  • Poids (g) 1900
  • Numéro de pièce fabricant Non applicable