Gas 100ml - ProTechGuns Green Gas

Gas 100ml - ProTechGuns Green Gas

The ProTech Gas - Green Gas 100ml is designed to fuel airsoft gas replicas and contains silicone oil to protect and lubricate the internal elements of the replica during each shooting session.



ProTechGuns Green Gas with 100ml silicone oil


< p> The slightly siliconized Green Gas ProTechGuns is a gas dedicated to all types of airsoft guns equipped with a metal or GBBR cylinder head and allowing use even at low temperatures thanks to good resistance to cold. This mini bottle is ideal for storing in a vest pocket and recharging your GBB / NBB / Snipe directly in the field!

The ProTech Gas - Green Gas is designed to power GAS airsoft replicas. The medium pressure used there allows it to be used in all aftershocks, eliminating the fear of damage the latch or the trigger mechanism . The gas contains silicone oil, which protects and lubricates the internal elements of the replica, while leaving no dirt or greasy surface, thus avoiding the elimination of its excess after the shooting session.
This product is available in a mobile packaging with a capacity of 100 ml. We therefore recommend it especially for players who use small replicas, i.e. pistols for airsoft games. They will undoubtedly appreciate its low weight and size, which will in no way hinder movement when moving in the field and allow full concentration when performing maneuvers.

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