Pack GLOCK 19 gen 3 and Kit APS Caribe Cybergun CO2 6mm 340511


In the GLOCK 19 gen 3 Pack and Kit APS Caribe Cybergun CO2 6mm 340511 you will find all the items necessary for the good use of your product at a reduced price.

- Glock 19 Gen 3 VFC / Cybergun

- Kit APS Caribe

- 5 Capsule of C02.

- 600 balls 0.20gr

Product details

Pack GLOCK 19 gen 3 and Kit APS Caribe Cybergun CO2 6mm 340511.

Operation (mode propulsion).

- The replica is a Co2 Blowback model (With recoil).

Features and equipment.

- The G19 Gen 3 Cybergun black has anti-slip grips.

< p> < p> - Material metal and ABS

- Systemmanual cocking by the breech, then automatic after the first shot.

- Safety trigger

- Magazine release button.

- Loader 26 balls to Co2.

- Weight: 740gr

- Size: 173mm

Elements of the replica in metal. span>

- The magazine release button.

- The Bolt.

- The Internal barrel

- Internal parts

Elements of the replica in polymer / Abs / or reinforced plastic.

- The body of the replica.

The power of the replica.

- Joule (s): 1


Available shooting modes.

- Blow by blow, a ball is fired with each pressure of the trigger tail.

Aim Equipment .

- Front: Fixed front sight.

- Rear: Fixed sight. p>

- Adjustable hop-up ideal for better shooting precision.

Picatinny rail for accessories.

Yes,the G19 has a rail under the barrel.

Bead loader and compatibilities. span >

- Color: Black

- Material: ABS

- Compatibility: G17 VFC / Cybergun charger at Co2

- Capacity: 26 Marbles

Markings and Licenses. Span >

- Glock official license

- 9x19


- GEM208

- Unique serial number

- Logo Glock

The kit for Glock APS allows you to transform a Glock type pistol into a long replica in order to accessorize it and gain in playing comfort.

Compatible Glock 17, 18 and 19.

It has an adjustable stock to adapt to all body types as well as a strap attachment.

The upper part accommodates a 24 cm rail allowing the addition of a viewfinder. < / p>

On the sides and below you will find 3 other 6 cm rails to add all the accessories necessary for a good game.

It comes with a folding and removable tactical handle, featuring a non-slip grip.

Kit easy to install using its two quick-release pins.

Caribe Action Combat logo engraving on the body.

Size: 49x11x5cm

Weight: 1030gr

The glock 19 Gen 3 is an officially licensed Cybergun replica with all the markings of the real model.

The G19 has many options making it easy and simple to use for both novices and experienced players. p >

The grip at the rear of the breech allows for the easiest cocking.

The G19 is equipped with an adjustable hop-up system, in order to better refine the trajectory of your ball.

An ergonomic and non-slip ABS stock will ensure you a secure grip.

This blowback ball replica (with recoil) impresses with the quality of its finish and its level of realism.

It has a rail under the barrel allowing it to add an accessory such as a lamp or a laser but also a safety on the trigger.

The metal cylinder head displays many markings adding realism to the model.

The Glock 19 gen 3 is made by VFC / Stark Arms the famous Taiwanese manufacturer.

This replica develops approximately a power of 1 joule which allows it to fire in semi-automatic at a distance of 25-30 meters approximately.

It has a 26 round magazine.

This ball gun works using Co2 capsules.

< p> We recommend balls of 0.20gr < / span> for this template, as well as silicone oil in order to maintain the gaskets of your airsoft gun.



  • Marque Stark-Arms
  • Fabricant VFC
  • Matières Plastique et métal
  • Couleur Noir
  • Capacité du chargeur Real-Cap (<30 billes)
  • Systeme de propulsion Co2
  • Mode de tir Semi-automatique (coup par coup sans armer)
  • Puissance de 0.6 à 1 joule
  • Projectile 0.20 gr
  • Longueur 20x14x3cm
  • Poids (g) 700
  • Numéro de pièce fabricant Non applicable

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