Sti Duty one CO2 metal ASG blowback


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Sti Duty one CO2 metal ASG blowback.

This fully metal replica of the Sti duty one is an elegant model equipped like the original with a mounting rail located under the barrel and allowing to add an accessory, such laser or lamp.

Note also that this model has a movable breech for more realism.

It delivers a power of 1 joules which allows it to shoot at a distance of approximately 25-30 meters.

The magazine of this replica contains 16 balls.

This ball gun works using Co2 capsules.

We recommend balls of 0.20 gr for this model, as well as silicone oil to maintain the seals of your airsoft gun.


  • Reference 16724/PG1945


  • Marque Sti international
  • Fabricant ASG
  • Matières Plastique et métal
  • Couleur Noir
  • Capacité du chargeur Real-Cap (<30 billes)
  • Systeme de propulsion Co2
  • Mode de tir Semi-automatique (coup par coup sans armer)
  • Puissance de 0.6 à 1 joule
  • Projectile 0.20 gr
  • Accessoires fournis 100 billes 0.20 gramme
  • Code Accessoire 478
  • Type gaz CO2
  • Longueur 22,3x14,9x3,4 cm
  • Poids (g) 729
  • Numéro de pièce fabricant Non applicable

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