Cm.121S Lipo and Mosfet style Desert Eagle Black Cyma


Cm.121S Lipo and Mosfet style Desert Eagle Black Cyma.

New 2019 version with Moseft and Lipo battery for incomparable reliability

The black Cm.121 is an AEP pistol , are styled this strongly resembles a famous Israeli Desert Eagle pistol.

AEPs are electric pistols that run on a battery.

Product details

which will allow you to adjust the trajectory of your ball in order to obtain optimal precision.

The black Cm121 has a magazine with a capacity of 30 balls.

It is a Very large model that will not go unnoticed during your airsoft games.

The replica comes with a battery, a battery charger, and a Bbloader.

This replica develops approximately a power of approximately 0.6 joule which allows it to fire in semi-automatic or burst at a distance of about 20-25 meters.

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  • Brand Pack
  • Reference CYCM121SBK


  • Marque CYMA
  • Fabricant Autre
  • Matières Plastique et métal
  • Couleur Noir
  • Capacité du chargeur Real-Cap (<30 billes)
  • Systeme de propulsion Electrique
  • Mode de tir Automatique (coup par coup ou rafale)
  • Puissance de 0.6 à 1 joule
  • Projectile 0.20 gr
  • Longueur 27 x 15.6 cm
  • Poids (g) 950
  • Numéro de pièce fabricant Non applicable