3200 Kalashnikov balls 0.20 gr Bio

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3200 Kalashnikov beads 0.20 gr Bio.

Bag of 3200 Kalashnikov Cybergun 0,20gram biodegradable beads.

These high precision beads (5.94 / 5.95 mm) are ideal for experienced players and are recommended for all airsoft guns over 1 joule.

Color: White

Diameter: 5.95 -0.01mm

< div> Packaging: Opaque resealable bag.
In order to introduce the beads more easily into your loader, we recommend a BBloader or fast charger .



  • Marque Kalashnikov
  • Fabricant Cybergun
  • Matières Matière biodégradable
  • Couleur Blanc
  • Projectile 0.20 gr
  • Longueur 23x14cm
  • Poids (g) 420gr
  • Numéro de pièce fabricant Non applicable